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Symphony of Flavor: Ethel M Chocolates, Milk and Dark, Satin Crème Collection 12 Piece Ultra-Premium Assortment Candy Gift Box - Smooth Cream Centers

  • 12 PIECE PREMIUM CHOCOLATE ASSORTMENT BOX of Ethel M Chocolate Satin Cremes Collection. Lucsious buttercream velvety center bursting with fresh flavors of Tart Lemon, Prickly Pear, Creamy Chocolate, Sweet Raspberry & Vanilla coated in silky chocolate.
  • Exquisite Satin Crème Chocolate Collection: Indulge in the timeless elegance of Ethel M Chocolates' 12-Piece Satin Crème Collection. Delight in an assortment of smooth cream-filled with our signature blend of luxurious milk and dark chocolate.
  • Unforgettable Flavor Symphony: Experience a symphony of taste as rich nuts, vibrant fruits, creamy vanilla, and decadent dark and milk chocolate come together in each delightful piece. These filled chocolates offer an adventure for your taste buds, capturing the essence of pure ingredients harmonized to perfection.
  • SILKY CHOCOLATE COATED CANDY TRUFFLE filled with fresh buttercream and fresh pureed ingredients. Inside each signature Ethel M Chocolates Candy Assortment Gift Box is a 12 Piece selection of rich, smooth & buttery confection for the sweet tooth.
  • POPULAR CUSTOMER FAVORITE SINCE 1981 Exquisite Ethel M Chocolate is the perfect gift.12 Piece Open a box of Satin Crème Collection Assortment Box & fall in love with chocolate-wrapped satin creme infused with sweet berries, citrus and vanilla.
  • ETHEL M CHOCOLATES CANDY GIFT BOXES FOR ALL OCCASIONS. There are many reasons to buy a box of Satin Cremes 12-pc premium chocolate. From birthdays to anniversaries or just because. Great as a gift or simply a sweet treat for yourself.
  • CREATED USING ONLY THE FINEST INGREDIENTS. Each Premium Chocolate Assortment collection is made with decadent chocolate morsels & gourmet fillings. The 12 Piece Ethel M Chocolates Satin Cremes Premium Gift Box is simply magical.

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Product Name The Satin Crème Collection, 12-Piece, Premium Chocolate Assortment Box Ethel M Chocolates 24-Piece The Nuts & Caramels Collection, Premium Chocolate Assortment Gift Box… The Milk Chocolate Collection, 24-Piece, Premium Chocolate Assortment Box The Truffle Collection, Premium Chocolate Assortment Box The Nuts & Caramels Collection, Premium Chocolate Assortment Box
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