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Fannie May, 12 Chocolate Candy Bars, Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate, Variety Pack, 1.8 Oz Each

  • Discover the premium taste of Fannie May’s signature gourmet chocolate candy bars with this 12-bar variety pack with 3 bars of each flavor - Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Caramel, Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate.
  • Fannie May’s Milk Chocolate bars combine luscious milk chocolate with hand-poured caramel or creamy peanut butter to craft 2 of our premium Milk Chocolate candy bars that are decadently delicious
  • Our Dark Chocolate candy bar is crafted with premium dark cocoa to create a rich and delicious experience, while our Milk Chocolate bar is made with luscious milk chocolate to create a candy experience that delights the taste buds
  • Fannie May gourmet chocolates are a delightful treat for those who savor delicious candy confections and enjoy giving a gift for life's most special moments
  • A great American chocolatier, Fannie May began in Chicago over 100 years ago and, to this day, continues to craft premium confections with passion and dedication to quality so your family can enjoy them for years to come

Opened in Chicago in 1920, Fannie May began with only a handful of recipes and an unwavering commitment to quality. Today, it makes over 100 different American confections—and this variety pack is a great way to try several irresistible flavors of premium chocolate delight. Fannie May’s luscious milk chocolate bars come in 4 flavors: Milk Chocolate with hand-poured caramel; Milk Chocolate with creamy peanut butter or the simple, yet classic taste of Milk Chocolate; while our decadent Dark Chocolate candy bar rounds out this variety pack of deliciousness. Made with the very best ingredients, Fannie May chocolate bars have found their way into the hearts and homes of confection lovers. An American chocolatier, Fannie May is proud to continue developing new and innovative confections families are sure to love and share together for years to come.