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Ethel M Premium Dark Chocolate Mint Bars Set of 8 - Rich, Refreshing, Intense, Creamy, After-Dinner, Cool Mint-Infused, Luscious, Handcrafted

  • PREMIUM DARK CHOCOLATE MINT BAR Ethel M Chocolates Bar Set of 8 individually wrapped dark chocolate mint candy. Delight in a complex blend of rich, bitter sweet dark chocolate and a burst refreshing mint creme.
  • TRADITIONAL RECIPE FROM ETHEL M's KITCHEN Enjoy the comforting taste of Ethel M dark chocolate mint bars - creamy-smooth satisfaction you experience bite after bite. Taste the gourmet flavors of Nevada's world famous mind chocolate candy bars
  • PRESERVATIVE FREE CHOCOLATE 100% KOSHER Ethel M gourmet mint dark chocolate candy bars contain no preservatives and are made from the finest ingredients. All chocolates are made with fresh ingredients using freshly ground nuts, filling and flavors.
  • PACKED SAFE AND DELIVERED FRESH We take pride in fresh-crafted, small-batch, premium chocolates. Ethel M chocolatiers hand pack each box with care. Chocolates are cold shipped in insulated coolers for peak freshness in warm weather.
  • MADE IN HENDERSON, NEVADA SINCE 1981 Forrest Mars Sr. created Ethel M Chocolates after his mother. Using her timeless recipes of fresh-crafted premium dark chocolate mint bar from our factory to your doorstep.
  • Decadent Dark Chocolate with Refreshing Mint: Indulge in the perfect harmony of rich, velvety dark chocolate and the invigorating essence of mint. Crafted by Ethel M Chocolates, our Dark Chocolate Mint Bars offer a luxurious upgrade to the classic mint chip experience.
  • Creamy-Smooth Satisfaction: Immerse yourself in the creamy-smooth satisfaction of each bite. Made with premium dark chocolate and infused with natural mint oil, these bars deliver a refreshing burst of flavor that beautifully complements the boldness of dark chocolate, creating an exquisite symphony of taste.

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