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Ethel M Chocolates Taste of Las Vegas Premium Collection 16-Piece, Medley of Chewy Caramels, Nut Clusters, Satin Crèmes, Almond Butter Crisps, Milk & Dark Variety

  • ETHEL M CHOCOLATES 16 PIECE TASTE OF LAS VEGAS COLLECTION includes premium milk and dark chocolate, satin crèmes, peanut butter, almond butter krisps, and more. Presented in a collectible Las Vegas-themed tin chocolate assortment gift box.
  • LEAVE AN IMPRESSION FOR THE VEGAS LOVER IN YOUR LIFE A classic collection of our fine crafted chocolates in a collectible Las Vegas tin.
  • THE PERFECT CHOCOLATE GIFT Ethel M Chocolates 16-piece Chocolate Assortment Taste Of Las Vegas Collection is a perfect souvenir for a Vegas trip. 16 pieces of premium chocolate wrapped in a tin representing Ethel M Chocolates' Las Vegas beginnings.
  • WIDE ASSORTMENT OF PREMIUM DARK AND MILK CHOCOLATE PIECES This classic collection of Ethel M's finely crafted chocolates is sure to please. The Taste of Las Vegas Collection is the perfect gift.
  • ETHEL M CHOCOLATES LAS VEGAS BEGINNINGS An unexpected chocolate oasis in the Nevada desert. We create fresh-crafted gourmet chocolates. Each piece is carefully selected to bring you a classic chocolate assortment with a Las Vegas taste.
  • MADE IN HENDERSON, NEVADA SINCE 1981 Ethel M Chocolates uses the finest ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Our chocolates are created in small batches for peak freshness, packed by hand, and certified Kosher dairy.

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Product Name Taste of Las Vegas Collectible Tin, 16-Piece Premium Chocolate Assortment The Milk Chocolate Collection, 24-Piece, Premium Chocolate Assortment Box The Original 1932 Mars Bar, Milk Chocolate, Nougat & Almonds The Truffle Collection, Premium Chocolate Assortment Box The Nuts & Caramels Collection, Premium Chocolate Assortment Box The Satin Crème Collection, 12-Piece, Premium Chocolate Assortment Box
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